Four weeks ago, we launched our new website. On the same day, we independently released a new LIVE project called Update:LIVE. Up till now the album has only been available in a digital format. Today we released the physical goods…double disc and all!

It’s Independent because it’s a project we did on our own and we’re not adding it to the release schedule from our label. Independent because it’s different. It’s taken from the Desperation Conferences. 16 songs. 6 videos. Thousands of students connecting to HIM. All the songs we’ve been singing loud and strong the past 10 years. Because this album is not introducing “new” songs, and because we went wherever the wind took us, the songs are opened up quite a bit. I don’t think there is a track shorter than 8 minutes. I believe Yahweh is 17 minutes. Ya… extended just a little. We don’t care to dive into the philosophy of worship “song length” here. We will just say one thing…There is something about it that we do love. We don’t think God needs more time. But quite often… people do. While our worship, we hope, is deeply doctrinal, it is also deeply emotional. We think its deeply emotional because WE are deeply emotional. The Father has put these songs in our souls to share. So we share them as we are. For this project, we got in a room with some of our favorite people in the world, and things just panned out. The Desperation gathering is 10 years old. It’s a movement now. We have 10 years to prove it. It is thousands taking on passion, holiness, consecration, and mission. All under the banner of PRAYER.
I think we rolled tape at the right time. There is so much behind us that God has breathed on. And so much ahead of us that we run to. We sang a lot. We prayed a lot. We learned a lot. Then we made a decision not to touch the music after that. We simply captured the sounds of Desperation. It’s us, being us, attempting to add to the fragrance of worship already filling the earth. The fragrance of worship that costs something. Worship that you have to carry and not just enjoy. Worship you have to give something to. It’s filling the skies. More than ever, we just want to do our part to join the already wonderful movement.

In addition, this project will support 9 different Heartwork orphan projects. Our worship without action is not worship. Our prayers without movement is not prayer. For us, we will always do our best to connect the worlds of worship and mission. Enough said.

One quick thought on the word “Independent.” Its a funny word. It does work to describe the release of this LIVE project. But know this… The Dband is about being “dependent.” We have a healthy understanding of our limitations. Not fear or lack of inner security. Its a knowing. HE is God. We are not. And we’re better together. We need each other. The church. Tribe. Community. People.
From Phillip Yancey’s book “Prayer” he says, “The cultures of ancient Greece and Rome did not favor humility, admiring instead the values of accomplishment and self-reliance. Likewise today, a modern celebrity culture shines the spotlight on a billionaire who takes delight in firing people, as well as on supermodels, strutting rap musicians, and boastful athletes. As theologian Daniel Hawk puts it, ‘The basic human problem is that everyone believes that there is a God and I am it.’ We need a strong corrective, and for me prayer offers that very corrective.”

10 years ago we started on a journey. Young and passionate, we thought we’d take over the world. :) Now 10 years older, we feel a lot like Mother Teresa. Tucked away in a foreign land, grunting it out because people need shoes. They need love. We’re deeply touched by her words, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” We’re hitting a stride in Camp Dband that only those who have gone after it for a decade can know. And I’m sure given another 10 years, everything will again change. Its the beauty of journey.

The fragrance of Mary’s worship is still filling the earth. SHE started the worship movement. Let us join it. The call is not to appreciate the fragrance. It is not to experience it. It is to break open OUR OWN vial of costly perfume over the head of our Savior.

thanks for reading.
and thanks for supporting the Dband.
you’ll never know how much it means to us.


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  1. Randall Lynn Smith II

    I am so blessed to be able to write on here and I hope it is read to all members of the Desperation Band. I have posted it on facebook a few times but idk who in the band have seen it. The Desperation Band has changed my life and is THE VERY REASON Im still alive today. Yall came out with an album called WHO YOU ARE and someone in my church sent it to me when I resided in TENNESSEE with my biological dad. I was very depressed at the time and going through so much. Wasnt going to church as much as I should have and when I got that cd/dvd in the mail, I was puzzled b/c I dont know how it got to me and I love watching music videos so I put the dvd in first and I wasnt really wanting to get into it at the time but was told from the people who bought the album for me which song to listen to. I turned it to that song (refused to be denied) and I sobbed for 3 or 4 hrs listening to the song over and over. so b4 I run out of characters for this coment, THANK YOU ALL AGAIN IN THE WHO YOU ARE PROJECT b/c if wasnt for yall, and me receiving that cd/dvd in the mail, I would have killed myself b/c I was that bad. THANK GOD IT CAME TO ME JUST IN TIME.


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