Yahweh-Featuring Kari Jobe

Here’s one of our favorite moments from the update live record! Our friend Kari Jobe has joined us for the past several years at Desperation Conference so it was only fitting that she be a part of the UPDATE:LIVE record. This video only shows about half of the song and the rest can be heard on the record, it was a powerful night, one that won’t soon be forgotten for the dband boys.

9 Responses to “Yahweh-Featuring Kari Jobe”

  1. Ellen

    This song changed my life. While listening to this song I connected with God like never before, and I will never be the same. I could never thank you enough for this!

  2. Alyssa Robinson

    I first saw this on youtube while looking up my favorite artist and worship leader Kari Jobe. It is a beautiful song and it helped me with a rough time in my life and brought a revival in me. I am also called to be a worship leader and i lead at the church in which i attend. Leading worship is one of the only times i feel like i am truly alive and living out my calling. The moments that i can connect with God and just sit in his presence is the most amazing irriplacable thing i could ever experience. It has been a great desire of mine to meet Kari Jobe just to connect with her and talk to her about her walk with God. How she stays so strong in her faith and what she does in her everyday life to focus on the Lord in everything she does. I know there is SO MUCH more to this life and i know it is the hope of God, i only hope that i can have the heart he desires for me. a heart that is like kari’s. and i hope that i can bring worship to the world in the way that she does. 100 percent for him!! i know this is the desperation band website and im talking about kari.. sorry. i guess i just had no other way of telling her myself. lol. hopefully when you see her you guys can pass it on. well keep doing what your doing in worshiping the lord! I’ll have to attend one of those conferences sometime. :)
    Godbless. Thanks for your time.

  3. david

    a friend posted this video on fb and i had tears in my eyes through the while video and chills down my spine and it has landed as my second favorite song (second only to where i belong by cory asbury)

  4. whitney

    This video breaks my heart every time I watch it, which is almost daily! Thank you so much. So beautiful.

  5. Aaron

    This is such a worshipful song. The Lord responds to our worship…He is, all consuming. I don’t know that I can come up with the words to describe how this song stirs the spirit within. It draws me closer to the Lord Jesus by the stiring of my spirit; His majesty, His glory, His holiness…It’s a sense of what that day will be like when we see Him for who He is…

  6. Estellle

    I have search and searched for this song PLEASE tell me how I can by it on Itunes. I listen to this song over and over and each time I can feel the presence of God!

  7. Debra

    I need this recording!!!!!!!!! Where can I find it?!??!!!!
    This song is so incredible. Speaks so loud.


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