Strong God-Song Story

Hear the story behind the song “Strong God”

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  1. Edward Hall

    I known the band for a couple of years but only got to ‘know’ them actually this past month. I absolutely love your hearts, and my picture of you is almost like in one of your older songs, light up the world and ready now. I desire that that picture, song and music video tells who you are now or even stronger!! May you be inspired to do much more than where you are now. Love the story behind the song Strong God!! I feel connected in the spirit if i hear stories and songs that is absolutely just for God…be desperate and be yourself!!!

  2. April

    I am so glad “Strong God” was added, as it is THE song that means the most to me. Reminding me He is strong, He is Father to the fatherless, and THERE IS NO HIGHER, NOOOOO!!!!
    It is one of my “anthems” in this phase of life. God is good, God is big, and God is my Strong God!!!

  3. Paula Podgurski

    Hello John,
    I was listening to your new song, Wonderful, today. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for your ministry! We do a lot of your songs at our church, Rockaway Assembly of God. My husband John knows your mom – he did some painting for her years back, and she gave us her sofas and rug – we still have the sofa – we call it “The annointed couch”. lol

    We hope you’ll be back in New Jersey soon! Be blessed!

    Paula Podgurski
    Stanhope, NJ

  4. Macky Varron

    Godbless you all!!!

    Im here in the philippines..

    I always listen in your song in youtube..


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